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Ending 2013: “Five Eyes” get a black eye over Snowden spy tales …

  • December 18th, 2013
  • Posted by EU Australia

eyeThe drip feed of information purloined from American security files continued this year as Edward Snowden, former CIA-NSA contractor, continued the campaign from his Russian sanctuary.

Merkel A portrait Obama EUThe news of American phone-tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel (picture), provoking an apology from President Barack Obama (picture) who indicated such practices would stop, was matched by complaints from South-east Asia saying Australia was running the Asia-Pacific side of such operations.
Targetted in this were the so-called Five Eyes states that share intelligence, the United States and the old “white Commonwealth”: Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. … Read More »

Women In Uniform

  • December 28th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

women-services-aust-2.jpgThe Australian government announced this year (27.9.11) that women in the armed forces will be allowed to serve in any frontline combat roles by 2016.

While women are prominent in many roles already, as senior officers, crew members on warships, air force pilots, and soldiers in Afghanistan, the move excited debate over security and safety issues for all troops, with two sexes in the ranks. … Read More »

Many Journalists In Gaza Evacuation

  • June 3rd, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

geraghty-reduced.jpgAs over six hundred people from the Gaza flotilla were being evacuated from Israel to Turkey (2.6.10), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said it had been pushing for safe conduct of several media workers in that  group.

Among them, photographer Kate Geraghty of the Sydney Morning Herald (picture), says she was hit by a Taser stunning device. … Read More »

Gaza Flotilla: EU Joins World Criticism Of Israel …

  • June 1st, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

gaza-flotilla.jpegThe European Union has demanded that Israel open border crossings to allow humanitarian aid through to the Palestinian Gaza territory, following its seizure of the Gaza flotilla on Monday. … Read More »

Vatican: Saints and Villains

  • February 20th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

vatican-absoluteitaly.jpgThe date of Mary McKillop’s canonisation has been announced, at the end of a  week in which the Vatican also took on the crisis over abuse of children by clergy in Ireland. … Read More »

EU Aid To War-Torn Gaza

  • March 3rd, 2009
  • Posted by Daniel Challis

gaza-1-virtualactivismnet.jpgThe European Union has contributed $554 million to help rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip.

European, US and Arab donors met at a conference in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt on Monday (2.3.09), pulling together a €3.6 billion (AU$7.1 billion,, 3.3.09) assistance package…

… Read More »

Israel Pulls-Out Of Gaza

  • January 22nd, 2009
  • Posted by Daniel Challis


The last of Israeli forces left the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning (21.01.09) and returned to Israel after more than three weeks fighting Hamas militants.

Israeli troops will now wait just outside the border and spy-planes will continue to fly over Gaza in case of any resurgence of further trouble.

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