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Information and analysis of current events in the EU. Writers from EU Australia Online are watching when decision are made on major events, ready to obtain the news and question the news makers and best informed observers. We will have the backgrounding necessary to put events into context.


There are no limits on how far EU Australia Online may roam. Any event, topic, social trend or dogfight in Europe may capture our attention, and give rise to some to-the-point comments. Look here for some potentially diverting points of view. The Opinion section lives on transparency and an honest approach; all views expressed will be those of the writer.


If it warrants some searching we will take the time and do the research using the best sources available. Most times this will start with us going to the persons most likely to know the answers. EU Australia Online solicits questions and information from readers and subscribers. If you have a lead, we may be able to help. If it delivers a good story to tell, it will be given our best treatment.


Documents can exist and never be made public; they can be made public but never see the light of day. Where there are decisions to be made, arguments, deep thoughts, facile thoughts, one way or another there will be documents. Here EU Australia Online will asses and explain as may be useful, when posting or linking the documents that come our way.