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What EU Australia Online is …

EU Australia Online is a service delivering news and information to Australians interested in Europe and wanting to keep an eye on the European Union.

Any developments with a link to Australia will receive special attention, including any news and backgrounders affecting business trade relations, product standards, innovation, industry protection.

The main service is delivered free on line.

In addition, subscribers can log on to find their individual page, where more detailed information will be made available, e.g. documents and further reports from a briefer story found on the main page.

EU Australia Online also responds to feed-back; it will take up suggested leads for news and will follow up requests for more information on issues in the news.

Errors that may occur will be checked, acknowledged and corrected.

EU Australia Online is a news service and therefore committed to providing new and interesting information across the broadest range of topics.

It is committed to establishing facts, to obtaining access to the best informants, and to conducting its own investigations where the truth needs to be discovered.

It acts in good faith, committed to best journalistic standards, dealing in information publishable as news.

The Editor …

Lee DuffieldEditor: EU Australia Online is edited by Lee Duffield PhD, a former ABC correspondent in Europe, Journalism academic and specialist in European affairs.

Affliations …

EU Australia Online acts in conformity with standards of the International Federation of Journalists and observes the code of ethics of its affiliate organisation in Australia, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the Australian Journalists’ Association.

View the MEAA Code of Ethics

What EU Australia Online is not …

EU Australia Online cannot act as an agency for public affairs or public relations; it cannot sell space to re-publish material it has not itself generated, represented as its news or commentary; it cannot make representations on behalf of clients to public officials or other persons or individuals among its news sources.

Accreditation of journalists in Brussels is contingent specifically on their engagement as news producers and EU Australia Online conforms with this requirement.

While products of this service are obtained from variable sources, as a general principle double-sourced where sources are unnamed, and facts are checked, EU Australia Online is not a research institute and does not publish its news or feature material as immutable truth or definitive conclusions on any topic.

The material provided is purely informative and non-contractual, neither styled nor intended as advice for business or financial transactions of any kind.