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Diplomat recalls Australian links in campaign against chemical and biological weapons …

  • March 10th, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Barbulesco NThe new Romanian Ambassador in Canberra, Nineta Barbulescu, can claim some special knowledge of Australia through her earlier work as a specialist in non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (i.e. nuclear, chemical and biological weapons). … Read More »

West’s response to Putin on Ukraine

  • March 7th, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Ukraine armsPolitical allies of Russia in the Crimea moved to get the region incorporated into Russia, as the United States laid out its first diplomatic and financial steps against Russian interests, and European Union heads of government conferred in Brussels (6.3.14). … Read More »

Ukraine: Intransigence, ire, talking not shooting …

  • March 5th, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Ukraine EU mapIf words will sort out what the confrontation is about, and what can be done, the parties are providing ample material for a very full explanation, some day. … Read More »

Ukraine: Fear of war

  • March 3rd, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Ukraine mapIn the course of one week the crisis in Ukraine worsened, with the overthrow of the President, and then, with the intervention of Russian troops, the fear of war. Lee Duffield writes. … Read More »

Fracture, danger after Ukraine “coup”

  • February 23rd, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Kiev 2014 3 tymoshenko“They are people who freed us”, said Yulia Tymoshenko, paying homage to the dead, just after her release from prison in Kiev.

 In a rush of events, the parliament, where the three main opposition groups had wrested a majority, impeached President Viktor Yanukovych, and scheduled elections to replace him on 25.5.14. … Read More »

Ukraine Agreement: Bitter and begrudging calm …

  • February 22nd, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Kiev 2014 3Friday’s settlement at Kiev sees all parties undertaking to try and calm the situation ahead of the formation of a government of national unity, and early elections late this year.

It followed a day of horror that ended the last week of violent confrontations, with at least an additional 77 people killed.

Opposition protestors declared themselves unconvinced the President, Viktor Yanukovych, 63, would act in the spirit of accord, and began rebuilding street barricades. They were turning out en masse at public funerals for the dead. … Read More »

Worsening conflict in Ukraine

  • February 19th, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Kiev firesThe conflict in Ukraine took on  the look of civil war with this week 25 believed dead in the street conflicts between  Opposition protesters and government riot police.

The barricades and piles of blazing tyres added extra drama to the scene around Independence Square in Kiev, where the troops edged against the other side, trying to drive them out of the area.



… Read More »

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