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Know Them?

  • April 19th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

Suspects in the Boston bombing case:


The American police have released images of two young men in the crowd at the time two bombs were set off in Boston  on Monday.

They say the men are suspects in the crime, in which three people were killed and over 170 injured – many very seriously.

It was at the finish line of this year’s Boston Marathon running race, with thousands gathered in the centre of the city.

For users in the United States, the federal Bureau of Investigation says call them with information on  1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3.

The website is … Read More »

Crash Of The Carbon Market

  • April 19th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

eu-industry-scape11.jpgThe European Parliament voted on Tuesday (16.4.13), by 334 to 315, against putting a limit on permits in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

It caused the market to crash; raised the possibility of no recovery for seven years, and in Australia promised further budget shortfalls in 2015, when the country’s own carbon trading system is set to be linked to Europe’s. … Read More »

Saving Cyprus

  • March 26th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

cyprus-flag.jpg eu-flagg-eu.jpgIntense discussions in Brussels throughout the weekend (24-25.3.13) produced a settlement for Cyprus, set to end its time as a financial centre providing a haven for overseas depositors.

The financial crisis is to be managed with the application of a €10-billion (A$12.3-billion;, 25.3.13) guarantee on loans, and the use of large deposits in the country’s banks to service debt. … Read More »

Software Wars: EU, Consumers, Companies …

  • March 24th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

microsoft.jpgSoftware services becoming all-but-indispensable to the world, on the strength of a good idea, have trouble from time to time with the idea of being regulated as businesses.

Microsoft has had a second tussle with the European Commission, reminiscent of the long contest that ended in 2007, which cost the company €497-million (then $A826-million) — while the EU itself now gears up for future challenges in  a “digitised” economy.

See background from 2007, involving objections to such practices as locking-in purchasers of packages, to use only Microsoft products: EUAustralia Online, “Court confirms: Microsoft must share”, 18.9.07; also “EU to probe Google”, 1.12.10.

At the same time this year, an attempt at regulation by customers, instigated by Choice consumer magazine in Australia, has seen Adobe, Microsoft and Apple jumping to justify higher prices being charged for their services in that country. … Read More »

Bettencourt Affair: Sarkozy In Court

  • March 24th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

sarkhozy.jpgThe accusations against the former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy (picture), got to court, in a night session last Thursday at Bordeaux (21.3.13), six years after the alleged offence – misuse of a vulnerable person. … Read More »

Egypt Envoy: EU Ties Are Binding …

  • March 22nd, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

egypt-ambresize.jpgEgypt’s Ambassador to Australia, Hassan Hanafy Mahmoud El-Laithy, wants the impact of the “Arab Spring” to further the chances of Middle East peace – and he foresees strengthening relations between his own country and Europe.

He said (20.3.13) the revolution in Egypt should bring a change in relations that would be “nothing except for the better”. … Read More »

Scourge Of Cyber Crime

  • March 18th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

cyber-crime-11.jpgLawmakers in Europe are moving towards requiring enterprises under cyber attack to tell the authorities, as a chance for containing it and averting destruction of social and economic fabric. … Read More »

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