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Terror Attacks: counting the dead

  • June 30th, 2015
  • Posted by EU Australia

Tunisia gunmanThree attacks on the one Friday, 26.6.15, have left a familiar dismal aftermath, counting the dead and wondering about the fragile psychology of the assailants.

The incidents:

In Tunisia, 39 have now been counted dead after a gunman attacked tourists on the beach at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel, near the city of Sousse; firing with a rifle he’d hidden in an  umbrella (picture).
Tunisia NPR
They included at least 15 British people, and others from Belgium and Germany.

Tunisian authorities said the gunman, also killed, would have had accomplices.

A message from the IS terror group said a “brothel” had been attacked by a “brother”.

In Kuwait, 29 people, worshipers in the Shi’ite tradition of Islam, died, and hundreds were injured in  a suicide bomb attack on the Imam al-Sadeq Mosque, in Kuwait City,

The country has been known for the relative absence of friction between the schismatic groupings of Islam – Shi’ia and Sunni.

At Chassieu near Lyon in France, the owner of a delivery business, Herve Cornara, was killed by one of his employees, a driver who impaled the dead man’s head on a fence, surrounding it with Islamist banners, then charged a van into the Air Products chemical plant nearby.

He crashed it into gas bottles there but only small explosions occurred, causing a few people minor injuries.

The man, who had a security dossier but no criminal record, and was off the watch-list, was taken into custody, along with three others associated with him.


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