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Afghanistan aftermath: posthumous VC to Corporal Baird …

  • February 24th, 2014
  • Posted by EU Australia

Baird C UAEThe 40th soldier killed during the Australian commitment in Afghanistan, Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird, was awarded the Victoria Cross on 13.2.14.

Baird CHe lost his life through small arms fire during a joint action with Afghan forces against Taliban insurgents in the Khod Valley, Southern Afghanistan last June.

See EUAustralia Online, Soldier’s death in Afghanistan, 23.6.13.

Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley, said Corporal Baird was an exemplary Commando whose bravery and leadership in fighting the action had saved the lives of his mates.

Among many tributes, the Australian compound at an air base in the United Arab Emirates was named Camp Baird, at a ceremonial parade,  see main picture.

At its peak the Australian contingent in the Afghanistan conflict  – as part of the joint security force marshalled by the NATO alliance –  totaled 1500 persons.

That ended with the withdrawal of main forces at the end of last year, leaving some smaller groups, mostly for Special Forces operations and training.

The Victoria Cross is Australia’s highest decoration for courage in war; just 100 have been awarded.


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