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Central Europe Floods

  • June 14th, 2013
  • Posted by EU Australia

floods eu 2013Unseasonal heavy rain has brought floods to central Europe over a fortnight, rolling along the river systems through Northern and eastern Germany, Poland, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.
Floods eu 2 2013The breach of a barrage on the Elbe River caused thousands of evacuations as the flood water surged towards the North Sea.

The trouble moved South into the rivers crossing the continent, testing flood defences along the Vltava River at Prague, and along the course of the  Danube, with flooding at Bratislava, the resort town of Passau (site of the confluence of the river with two others , the Inn and Ilz), and at Budapest by Thursday (13.6.13).

Several towns were swamped; motorways went under water at least 18 people were reported to have died.



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