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Geert Wilders Australian Tour

  • February 19th, 2013
  • Posted by EUEditor

wilders4.jpgThe Dutch anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders (picture) began an Australian tour today in Melbourne, calling for a ban on mass immigration from Islamic countries – on grounds that Islamic practice was inimical to freedom.

He told a media conference exceptions could be granted, for example to save homosexuals facing death in gaol in Iran, or Christians being persecuted in the Middle East.

Travelling as the guest of a nationalist Australian group, the Q Society, Mr Wilders was flanked by a  security detail some sixteen strong.

Several community interests including  multicultural organisations, State government Ministers, and church and multi-cultural organisations suggested he be allowed to travel and talk freely in Australia, and in the process learn from the successes of the country’s  multiculturalism.

A coalition of 24 organisations including the influential Australian Football League released a statement affirming support for multi-culturalism.

The Wilders political group, Party for Freedom (PW), has drawn substantial support in the Netherlands as a “nativist” organisation objecting to a large Islamic immigrant presence in Dutch towns; campaigning over incidents of crime or terrorist attacks, and demanding an end to mass immigration.

In 2010 it won 24 seats out of 150, rivalling the strength of the mainstream parties and holding the balance of power.

It saw that support nearly halved at fresh elections two years later, in September 2012.

The Dutch Member of Parliament found an indirect connection with Australia in 2010, when he was attacked by an Islamic leader based in Lebanon, Sheik Feiz Muhammad — a Australian born Lebanese.

The Sheik said the MP should beheaded for mockery of Islam.

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