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Greenpeace Boards Icebreaker, To Oppose Arctic Oil Drilling …

  • May 3rd, 2012
  • Posted by EUEditor

greenpeace-nordica.jpgThe Greenpeace movement in Europe says six of its activists today boarded the icebreaker Nordica (3.5.12),  off the coast of Sweden, in protest against drilling operations by the Shell company, in the Arctic.

greenpeace-shell.jpgThe environmentalist organisation said the ship, under contract to the oil company, was bound for Alaska to join a fleet sent to region by Shell for oil drilling.

It said the boarding party made their move in open sea at 4:20 am, climbing on board and locking themselves down in  places throughout the vessel.

The objective was to spotlight potentially severe environmental danger from oil drilling, in a fragile ecological area.

“Shell’s reckless plans to start drilling for oil in the Arctic pose an unacceptable threat to a unique place on earth,” said Greenpeace Nordic Arctic campaigner, an eco-toxicologist, Therese Jacobson.

“We are standing at a crossroads. A choice needs to be made to protect the Arctic or allow Shell and other oil greedy companies to destroy this precious region…”

Twenty activists got on board the Nordica earlier this week in Helsinki; the group that boarded while at sea are from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Israel and Sweden.


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