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Researchers Worried Over EU Backing For Heritage Projects …

  • April 16th, 2012
  • Posted by EUEditor

dubrovnik-wikitravelorg.jpg mona-lisa.jpg world-cup-trophy.jpg versailles.jpgDoing the rounds of academic research centres, a complaint is being made about withdrawal of funds for cultural heritage work, by the European Union.

horizon-eu.jpgThe target is the well-regarded, and provident HORIZON program; with a group of sixteen people in the field, from  eleven European countries, now organising a petition to get cultural heritage restored.

“We, the undersigned, would like to plead strongly for the inclusion of cultural heritage research in the 8th EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, HORIZON 2020”, it begins.

A message reads:

“As you may have heard, cultural heritage has been omitted completely in the proposal of the European Commission for the 8th EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation (HORIZON 2020), thus taking away all the funds previously available for research in this field. This decision has serious consequences as the whole basis for the conservation of cultural heritage in Europe will be eliminated, probably for many years to come.

“The cultural heritage research community has initiated an online petition addressed to the European Parliament and the European Council in order to plead strongly for the inclusion of cultural heritage research in HORIZON 2020…

“Almost 6.000 people have already supported the petition but more signatures are needed to ensure further promotion of cultural heritage research … ”

Signed by:

-              Johanna Leissner and Constanze Fuhrmann, Fraunhofer Brussels Office, Germany/Belgium

-              Isabel Rodriguez-Maribona Galvez, Tecnalia, Spain

-              Pedro Martin Lerones; Cartife Technology Centre, Spain

-              Maite Berasategui, Acciona, Spain

-              Antonia Moropoulou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

-              Paulo Lourenco, University of Minho, Portugal

-              Adriana Bernardi, National Research Council/Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate, Italy

-              Roberto Di Giulio, Alessandro Massarente and Keoma Ambrogio, University of Ferrara, Italy

-              Katarina Malaga, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

-              Myriam Crolard, Saint-Gobain, France

-              Isabelle Pallot-Frossard, Ministère de la culture et de la communication, France

-              Rob van Hees, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, Netherlands

-              Jacques Akerboom, Monumentenwacht, Netherlands

-              Roko Žarnić, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

-    Vlatka Rajčić, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Check HORIZON, from the EU

European Commission , Brussels, “Research and Innovation: Horizon 2020”., (16.4.12).


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