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Putin Returning To Top-Dog Spot

  • September 26th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

medvedev-putin.jpgVladimir Putin is lining up to take over again as President of Russia next year.

Dmitry Medvedev
(picture, left), 46, scratched any thoughts that his term in the job was anything more than part of a deal with the durable strong-man, with an announcement on Saturday, to the Congress of their party, United Russia.

“I think it would be right for the Congress to support the candidature of the party Chairman, (Vladimir Putin), for the Presidency”, he said.

Vladimir Putin, 59, President from 2000-08, had to stand down after two terms in the job, as required by the state constitution – taking up the job of Prime Minister in the meantime.

His close ally stepped up to be President, and the ruling party received over 70% of votes in the elections of 2008.

Mr Medvedev embarked on a campaign of economic modernisation and overseas contacts talked of finding a less confronting tone than before in dealings with the Kremlin.

The party Congress itself looked confident of another electoral win, in March next year, with the charismatic leader back at the top of the list.

It had some of the style of congresses past, in the days of another party, the CPSU, in another era, that of the Soviet Union; mainly the bouts of prolonged clapping, though those clapping were distinctly better dressed than the comrades of earlier times.


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Medvedev and Putin,