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Catalonia Bullfighting Ban Takes Effect

  • September 26th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

bull-fight-all-creatures1.jpegSunday 25.9.11 saw the last bullfight in a major region of Spain, by act of parliament – some more appeals still to come.

The 20000 seats in the remaining bull ring in Catalonia, the Monumental, were sold out in advance; perhaps a final gasp from an industry that’s been bleeding on its knees, dying from falling patronage.

Nostalgic supporters flounced capes and lunged with tested arguments:

The animals would be cruelly butchered anyway; it was part of Spanish culture, and an art form.

One woman savoured the memory of a “very successful” bull-fight the week before: “They cut nine ears and chaired the matadors!”

They reiterated talk of legal appeals against the ban on bull-fights.

The Catalan parliament decided to cut the ears of the declining sport, outlawing it last year on the grounds it was cruel to animals and degrading to humans who let it go on. (See EUAustralia Online: “Breakthrough time: Catalonia bans bull-fighting”, 29.7.10; “Pamplona: Seems that without goring …”, 11.7.11.

Said a supporter of the ban, among several who turned up to boo and hiss on the last day: “Bull-fighting is not suitable for the 21st Century.”