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Libya At Week’s End

  • September 1st, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

nato-aircraft-libya.jpgIn the battle for Libya, the NATO alliance has now focused operations on the Sirte area, the remaining main stronghold of forces supporting the former leader, Muamar al-Gaddafi.

Activities are on two fronts: on one hand, the build-up towards possible fresh fighting, at Sirte, and the search for Colonel Gaddafi; on the other hand, international efforts to set up for a stable peace.


nato-aircraft-libya-2.jpgA communiqué from NATO has listed operations from Wednesday this week, showing the concentration on eliminating or limiting military capacity of the Gaddafi forces:

Key Hits 31 August:

In the vicinity of Sirte: 1 Command and Control Node, 5 Surface to Air Missile Transloaders, 1 Armed Vehicle, 1 Tank, 4 Surface to Air Missile Launchers, 1 Multiple Rocket Launcher.

nato-aerial-pic-libya.jpg nato-areial-libya-2.jpg In the vicinity of Bani Walid: 1 Ammo Storage Facility, 1 Command and Control Node.

In the vicinity of Hun: 1 Radar, 1 Military Support Vehicle.

Arms Embargo Activities

A total of 15 ships under NATO command are actively patrolling the Central Mediterranean.

8 Vessels were hailed on 31 AUGUST to determine destination and cargo. 2 boarding’s ( 0 denied) were conducted. A total of 2449 vessels have been hailed, 248 boarding’s and 11 denials have been conducted since the beginning of arms embargo operations.

International Humanitarian Assistance Movements as recorded by NATO

Total of Humanitarian Movements*896*: (air, ground, maritime)

Ships delivering Humanitarian Assistance 31 AUGUST: 2

Aircrafts delivering Humanitarian Assistance 31 AUGUST: 12


The North Atlantic alliance is represented at the Paris talks of the Libya contact group, “friends of Libya”.

Commencing on Thursday (1.9.11), the international gathering, which includes representatives of the  provisional government authority, the Transitional Council it has been working to ensure humanitarian relief in the country; a budget for the incoming government, with the release of overseas assets currently frozen ; a re-start for oil production to ensure revenue, and arrangements for transfer inclusive and transparent transfer of power, on a democratic plan.

Foreign Ministers of the European Union are meeting at the end of this week, at Sopot near Gdansk, with assistance for Libya high on the agenda.

Within Libya, confused public pronouncements have been heard form the Gaddafi camp, with by week’s end, no information on the whereabouts of  Muamar al-Gaddafi himself.


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NATO; operations; aerial reconnaissance in Libya after affatcks on military installations