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NATO Backs Rebel Push On Tripoli

  • August 22nd, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

gaddafi-20111.jpg aircraftorg2.jpegNATO air operations in Libya focussed on Tripoli on the weekend, as rebel forces reported they had taken their fight to the capital city.

Colonel Muamar al-Gaddafi made a broadcast, his government stating it had defeated bands of insurgents penetrating the city.

However correspondents there reported continuing explosions and gunfire in parts of Tripoli.

That action followed a week in which the rebels took control of Zlitan, 160 kilometres East of Tripoli, and Zawiya 40 kilometres to its West.

A statement from the NATO alliance said its aircraft had registered 22 hits on Saturday (20.8.11) in the vicinity of Tripoli.


Key Hits 20 AUGUST:
In the vicinity of Tripoli: 3 Military Facility, 1 Military Storage Facility, 7 Surface to Air Missile Transloaders, 1 Radar, 1 Surface to Surface Missile, 2 Armed Vehicles, 2 Armoured Fighting Vehicles, 3 Command and Control Node, 2 Multiple Rocket Launcher.
In the vicinity of Sirte: 1 Command and Control Node.
In the vicinity of Brega: 1 Multiple Rocket Launcher, 1 Heavy Machine Gun, 1 Military Firing Position.
In the vicinity of Gharyan: 1 Armed Vehicle, 1 Anti Aircraft Gun.
In the vicinity of Zlitan: 1 Surface to Air Missile Launch


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