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EU and Australia Agree On Climate Change Action …

  • July 15th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

hedegaard-connie1.jpg energy.jpgThe European Union has sent a message supporting the Australian government’s climate change program, announced 10.7.11.

”Congratulations to Australia for its commitment to pricing carbon emissions and introducing a domestic cap-and-trade scheme from July 2015”, said Connie Hedegaard, the European Commissioner for Climate Action (picture).

“Our experience in Europe is that our emissions trading system has led our most forward thinking industries to some very creative and innovative ways of working, that help reduce emissions and cut costs”, she said.

“This creativity is also developing the skills and experience in the industries of the future.

“We look forward to Australia embarking on the same route and make a carbon market the core of its policy response to the climate challenge.”

The Australian government announced a program to start with a carbon tax on major polluting industries, as a yardstick for changing over to an emissions trading system after four years.

It is to be backed up with tax cuts to meet costs passed on to consumers; compensation for trade exposed industries, and major funded programs for energy saving and to assist the renewable energy sector.

The minority Labor government has obtained support from independent Members and the Greens Party to put through the measures after parliament resumes next month; the Opposition, with allied radio stations, industry bodies and conservative political groups, has mounted an active publicity campaign against the change.

See EUAustralia, “Climate change: Australia’s 80/50 plan, Modelled on EU’s 20/20”, 11.7.11.

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