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Pamplona: Seems That Without Goring It Could Get Boring …

  • July 11th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

pamplona-bulls-spanish-fiestas1.jpgThe practice of folks taking leave of their senses, and driving animals in the same direction, has seen a fresh run of injuries at Pamplona in Spain.

The weekend began with seven men injured on Friday, two of them Australians, (one seriously, being gored, with a severed artery), in the “running of the bulls”.

Being gored is apparently a distinction, and central point in the news of the day.

By Sunday’s event the tally was bigger, with thousands of two-legged runners, six bulls, and six steers, with in-the-end ten men injured for the day – but none managing to get gored.

The not-very-sensible, fairly cruel proceedings harken back to a 14th Century market day and religious festival, and also involve a lot of tomato throwing.

Elsewhere in Spain the slow movement toward an eventual end to the bull-fight may go on; in Pamplona it turns a pretty peso, or Euro in this day, for the tourist business.

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