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Matildas : “Youngies” Of The Contest

  • July 2nd, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

matildas-reduced.jpgAustralia’s World Cup side this time has been noticed as a very “modern” side – with a good percentage of younger players, well-backed by tweeters and fans on Facebook.

Miriam Klaussner sent this report  from the women’s Football contest being played out at Moenchengladbach and other venues in Germany.

“The most modern team of the World Cup” – that’s the Matildas’ reputation in Germany!

The average Australian player is under 22 – but that’s not the main reason why the soccer-ladies from Down Under are being  “modern”.

The point is – they seem to be very often frenetically twittering and hacking-in posts on Facebook!

Ben Buckly, heading the squad, supports the activity of the young players.

“We have seven players under 20, and they simply represent the rise of social networks”, he says.

“Women’s football is the fastest growing sport in Australia and we know, that for thousands of young players social networks is the number one source of information.”

However, as modern as the Matildas’ information-policy may be, their athletic hopes are being rated fairly low at this time.

Currently the Matildas are holding 11th rank in the World Cup list, with Germany on top, followed by the United States and then Brazil.

“I wish that we might make it to the quarterfinal”, said Tom Sermanni, the Matildas’ coach, as the weekend’s competition got under way; “but for that we have to beat Norway (Sunday, 3.7.11) – and losing against Equatorial Guinea would be out of the question!”

The start has not been too considered too bad; in their first match, last Wednesday, the Matildas only conceded the one goal to second-fancied Brazil — themselves in recent times known for sporting a young profile, (see EUAustralia Online, 30.6.11).

What chance these Australian “youngies” of the contest might climb up the ladder?

Sermanni keeps his  expectations well capped.

They’d have a chance if there are no injuries, but beyond that certain lack of depth, the young team of  “modern” types lacks experience in high-pressure competition.

None of which bothers their army of followers and fans out on Twitter and Facebook, because, as user moxey 25 says: “You have already done us so proud!”

Maybe not yet dead-set competition favourites of the world, these Matildas, but the  most-modern team of the 2011 World Cup.


Matildas, not actually strangers to success, celebrate on a previous outing.