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EU Focus On Violence In Syria

  • April 29th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

syria-demonst-11.jpgSenior officials of the EU member countries are meeting at Brussels (29.4.121) to debate possible joint action against the Syrian government, over the violence being meted out to public protesters in that country.

The gathering at Ambassador level is studying proposals for sanctions such as an asset freeze and bans on travel for leading figures of the government under President Bashar al-Assad.

Blocking of development assistance and termination of a national association agreement with the European Union; stopping loans from the European Investment Bank, and  an arms embargo have also been listed for consideration.

Fears of more violence arose with the approach of Friday prayers and calls on the public, by democracy activists, to emerge and take to the streets in defiance of the security forces.

They have estimated that over 500 people are now dead since the start of the current round of repression this month.

The city of Deraa appears to be still the hardest hit, with electricity and water reportedly cut off, and random attacks taking place against citizens.

A general communication ban makes confirmation impossible, but there are persistent reports of trouble in several cities, including parts of the capital Damascus, and also of the resignation of dozens of members of the ruling Ba’ath political party, who have complained about a negation of their values.

Syria’s part in the current round of public protests, in support of democratic elections, throughout the Middle East, has raised fears of wholesale repression on the scale that occurred in 1982, against a popular revolt, by members of the Sunni  Moslem community, with several thousand killed.

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