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Nuclear Debate As Japan Crisis Continues …

  • March 15th, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

fukushima-daiichi2.jpgGreenpeace in Europe is calling on authorities there to broaden consultations on nuclear safety, brought on by the crisis at the Fukushima  plant in Japan, offering to put forward its own expertise.


The environmental organisation has taken a lead in the last week, decrying the heavy reliance on nuclear power, especially in regions susceptible to natural disasters.

In a statement from Brussels (14.3.11) it says pressure is mounting for a global safety review of the nuclear industry.

It says:

“Nuclear safety in Europe is now expected to feature at a planned meeting of European environment ministers today.

“The European Union  has also today called a special meeting of nuclear safety experts from European countries. Over the weekend, large anti-nuclear demonstrations took place in Germany.

“Several countries in Europe with existing or planned nuclear plants, particularly around the Mediterranean and the Balkans, are prone to earthquakes.

“Several countries, including France and Germany, also have nuclear power stations that use similar technologies to the one used at the Fukushima plant in Japan.

“Elsewhere, nuclear power stations are not immune to power failures or terrorism.

“European governments in countries with civilian nuclear programs are increasingly coming under pressure to review the safety of their power plants.

“With decades of experience in the nuclear threat, Greenpeace is offering its expertise.”

See also EUAustralia Online, “Japan: World watch …”, 14.3.11.


Tension has built up over the three nuclear reactors in Japan where cooling systems have been failing.

Reuters reported:

“Fears of a nuclear disaster in Japan heightened on Tuesday after radiation levels around its quake-stricken power plant soared following two separate explosions at the complex.

“Many of the worrying milestones mapped out by experts have now been passed, with some workers having left the complex and people living within 30 km of the site to stay indoors.”

It spoke of a real possibility of a leak in a reactor container, and damage to a reactor core.

However the report continued that it remained possible the containment structure was not damaged.

On world stock exchanges, Japanese stock fell, along with uranium stocks, and the exchange rate for the Yen had a surge, suggesting investors were leaving uncertain stocks.


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