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Egypt: Mubarak Friends Enter Fray

  • February 3rd, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

egypt-giza-2.jpgMob violence in Cairo, around Tahrir Square in the central city, seemed to confirm some of the fears expressed over the last week of a collapsing situation.

Observers said that supporters of the President, Hosni Mubarak, arrived in buses, and began an attack on some 2000 anti-government protesters.

It spread, thousands exchanging blows and throwing stones, with fire-bombs thrown from rooftops into the crowd, and gunshots heard – possibly from troops delivering warning shots, trying to restore order.

At one point at least one camel, said to be a show-camel for carrying tourists at the pyramids, was brought into the charge.

Media crews became involved in the melee, some attacked and beaten.

Counter-protesters called out they did not want the country to be “another Iraq”.

The security services, accused of mobilising rioters, said one of their members was killed among as many as 600 people known to be injured.

See BBC video:

The protest movement turned out in force to demonstrate rejection of a declaration by the President that he planned to stay on in office until elections in September.

The protesters want an immediate resignation, with no time for manoeuvring by the ruling party over succession.

A United Nations estimate says 300 people have died in the recent violence in Egypt.

Australians out.

In the exodus of foreigners and also many Egyptians through Cairo airport, the first group of about 200 Australians has flown out on a Qantas plane chartered by the federal government, to Europe (2.2.1).

More flights are expected, and the airline has undertaken to give free flights home from Frankfort or London, to Australians getting out of Egypt.

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