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Air Incident

  • January 22nd, 2011
  • Posted by EUEditor

airbus-tanker-hornet.jpgTalk of an Australian Air Force aircraft involved in an accident over the Atlantic quickly cleared up (20.1.11), the explanation being that it was a new refueling plane being tested by Airbus.

One of five on order by the RAAF, the aeroplane’s refueling boom got snagged with a Portugese fighter (not shown here) during tests under “near operational” conditions.

Both got away safely; the Airbus company was able to give an assurance that the tanker was not one of the first two due to be delivered to Australia, so delays could be averted.

The company itself might be the main loser, as it is in a contest with Boeing to supply re-fuellers to the United States.


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Airbus A330 tanker with Hornet fighter,