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Watch On Terror

  • December 28th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

rome-wikimedia.jpgPrecautionary moves against possible threats to safety and security mark the closing stages of 2010 in Western Europe.

Suspect groups were rounded up by police in Rotterdam and London, while the delivery of parcel bombs to diplomatic missions in Rome sparked a general alert.


dutch-police-autoblog.jpgDutch police brought in twelve men with links to the local Somali community on Friday (24.12.10), following intelligence reports that they could be planning a terrorist attack.

Five were released soon afterwards, the others remaining in custody until after the weekend.


Commentary in the Australian publication likened the case to the conviction of three men from the Somali community in  Melbourne, also on Friday, for planning an attack on the Holsworthy army base.

Their case will be back in court next month.

Two accused were found not guilty by the jury, which deliberated for eight days; prosecutors said their case was mainly “circumstantial”; and leaders of the Somali community objected to the process, saying the accused were “good boys from good families”.


westminster-magistrates-hm-court-service.jpgIn London a Magistrate on Monday (28.12.10) remanded five men in custody on charges of conspiracy to cause explosions and other terrorism offences.

Four others were being held for appearance later, and three were released.

The group of twelve came from Birmingham, London and Stoke-on-Trent, and were picked up in raids by unarmed police on 20.12.10.


In Rome on the weekend (27.12.10 ) a parcel bomb was found at the Greek Embassy, following earlier incidents in which bombs went of at the embassies of Chile and Switzerland, causing serious injuries.

Police said there had been false alarms at other embassies, as they ordered strict security at diplomatic posts, government and parliamentary offices, and post offices.

The idea of a religious insult – “Christmas presents” for the diplomats and their families – was being discounted.

A note was found at one location claiming responsibility on the part of an anarchist group.


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