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Greetings …

  • December 24th, 2010
  • Posted by 7thmin

cockatoo-colour-2-reduced.jpgSeason’s greetings to all users of EUAustralia Online, now experiencing its fourth Christmas and New Year season as an independent service, filling a niche, providing European news for Australia.

EUAustralia Online also marks milestones, notes major headline events out of Europe and provides occasional commentary, sparking interest worldwide.

It follows liberal journalistic practice, putting emphasis on establishing facts and providing transparency with sources.

It has been used for research into the dynamics of online journalism; see  the database entry of the editor, Lee Duffield:,_Lee.html

Who cares?

Use of EUAustralia Online has been exponential.

It sets out to be patient but consistent, deploying limited resources to produce usually one full story daily.

Though not registered as a news site,  currently it receives 15000 site visits per month, of which half will be from unique users brought in through search engines; and additional numbers exist through users taking advantage of the RSS feed.

Country of origin of users of EUAustralia Online by order of the number of site visits: United States, France, China, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Indonesia, India,  European country (evidently “eu” domain), Austria, Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan, and several others as small users.

Percentage of usage: Users in EU member countries 30.5%, United States users 27.25%, Australia 7.5%, China 7.5%, Canada 6.5%, other European countries and Turkey 3%, Brazil 2.5%. (Add to these figures from some unidentified “others”).

Please feed back to EUAustralia Online at any time, in the “Leave a Reply” field, or by email (see “Contact Us”, or go direct to [email protected]).

Thank you for your interest and participation with EUAustralia Online.