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El-Jaws! Unfortunate Attacks In Sharm el-Sheikh Stir Up Thought Bubbles…

  • December 8th, 2010
  • Posted by 7thmin

sharm-el-sheikh.jpegCOMMENTARY: Shark attacks off the Red Sea resort of  Sharm el-Sheikh have resulted in injuries to three people and the death of a woman aged seventy … along with a not-quite-scientific response from authorities in Egypt and a fired-up world public.

shark-white-tip.jpegSome bizarre scenes followed the attacks last week and on Sunday — extending to vigilante patrols looking to get the particular “culprit”.

shark-attack-dec-10-egypt.jpegSharks evidently are not usually a problem to swimmers or divers in the area so the tragic events, followed by beach closures, pose a threat to tourism, and perhaps also to mental stability here and there.

Sharks do stimulate the imagination.

Trash media in Italy in the mid-1980s enthused over what looked like teeth marks on the gear of a missing diver off Sardinia.

The line taken was that man-eating species never found in the Mediterranean had been following trawlers in through the Straits of Gibraltar.

This time, it’s been suggested by full-time shark watchers that the creatures may have been getting fed by tour operators wanting to put on  a good show for the guests, and could be off scavenging if their source was suddenly cut off.

Beyond that, great creative effort is being put into finding the cause for the sudden appearance of danger.

Certain observers have blamed “Australian” live cargo ships throwing dead animals overboard.

That’s actually forbidden near the coast, in a regulated trade, (not using actual Australian ships but watched by Australian industry persons) – though it seems more plausible than Idea #3:-

Suggestions have been made (attributed to an actual government official), that it is … the JEWS!!

The Israeli secret service has been doing the shark attacks, the story goes, letting out sharks to harass the coastline, (or spies in sharkskin suits?).

The idea has been rebuffed with some hilarity in Jerusalem.

There may be career black marks here for the American Embassy in Cairo; failing to get the Egyptians to blame Julian Assange, alleged propagator of leaked State Department documents — a man in line to receive the blame for many sins.

See comments on Assange, and live exports, in EUAustralia Online, “Sports … FIFA CORRIDORS”, 3.12.10.


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