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Bit Nippy: Europe’s Winter Starts On A Serious Note …

  • December 2nd, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

winter-storm-nasa.jpgNorthern Europe this week began to freeze over with a severe cold snap to commence the Winter.

Heavy snowfalls have closed down services out of airports at Frankfurt and London, and in France and Switzerland.

winter-eu.jpgDelays and closures are affecting rail services, including the London-Paris Eurostar; roads likewise have been cut, several travelers in Scotland and elsewhere stranded overnight; and the sudden heavy demand on heating fuel has seen a jump today (1.12.10) in world oil prices – up $US1.27 to $US85.03 a barrel.

Temperatures are running below normal, descending to under -20 degrees in Moscow and Warsaw, Paris expecting -5 degrees, London -6, Berlin and Stockholm also experiencing sub-zero figures.

Footnote: People in Northern Australia have been warned to prepare for a wet Summer with likely widespread flooding, the product of a La Nina climate event, and a continuation of now extended drought-breaking rains – their welcome at last wearing thin.


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