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Qantas A380 Scare: Aviation Alert

  • November 5th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

airbus-a380.jpgAviation engineers and safety personnel have scrambled to Singapore and the nearby Indonesian Island of Batam to probe a destructive engine failure (4.11.10) on a Qantas flight out of Singapore.


airbus-sky-news.jpgPassengers heard two explosive sounds and saw pieces fly off the engine casing as pilots on the Airbus 380  – the world’s largest airliner – responded to warning messages and turned the aircraft back to land safely at Changi.

Pilots and engineers have been pointing to the importance of the “uncontained engine failure”; not quite a devastating explosion, the break-down did shatter a heavy canopy meant to stop pieces flying off and endangering the aircraft structure.

Pieces rained down on Batam Island, some crashing into a school, with a child injured; the two-decker aircraft was carrying  459 passengers and crew.


airbus-logo.jpgQantas has grounded all six A380s in its service, but this was one of the first to start carrying passengers, and there is now a total of 37 on scheduled flights – the other airlines being Air France-KLM, Emirates, Lufthansa and Singapore. Hundreds more A380s are on order.

The aircraft has been taking off commercially; Deutsche Welle today .reprising its coverage from the Farnborough Air Show last July, when buyers lined up to sign orders  on location.

“The Franco-German company Airbus was positively bullish after selling 130 planes and securing pledges for the future purchase of a further 122 …”, said that report.

The Age newspaper reports today that the European Aviation Safety Agency has a warning out on A380 engines, a directive noting that premature wear has been detected, “potentially causing the spinning turbines to move towards the rear of the engine and strike static parts.”


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