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Feiz Muhammad’s Attack On Geert Wilders …

  • September 4th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

wilders.jpgA Dutch politician under threat from Islamic fundamentalist groups wants explanations from the security services, after a fresh demand for his head – from an Australian-born cleric.


Sheik Feiz Muhammad, a Lebanese Australian born at Liverpool in Sydney, 1970-71, publishes a website from Lebanon, and in a speech has attacked Geerd Wilders, leader of the populist Freedom Party (PW) in The Netherlands.

sheikh-feiz.jpgThe Sheik has been associated with criticism of rape victims for provoking men, and has faced a police investigation in Australia on complaints of racial vilification.

He has denounced Wilders, saying he has insulted the Prophet and has mocked Islam, and should be executed by beheading.


News of this has stimulated mass media attention in Europe; the conservative Daily Telegraph in England, not hesitating to link the  incident to Australia.

“Geerd Wilders denounces Australian Muslim leader’s call for beheading”, it headlined.

The newspaper has reported Wilders’s response:-

“This is really terrible news and a very serious threat, unfortunately …

“I will ask for clarification from the Dutch minister of interior/justice why the secret service and anti-terrorism unit NCTb have not informed me before and what the consequences will be for me.”

Geerd Wilders, 47, is leader of the right of centre Freedom Party (PW) which campaigns  against immigration from Islamic countries and acts of “Islamisation” such as construction of mosques.

The movement has built up electoral support in recent times, now the third-placed Dutch party.


Dutch media, headed by the newspaper De Telegraaf, first picked up the Feiz statements, with similar prominent coverage elsewhere, e.g., in  Le Monde on Friday: “In this declaration on  a jihadist website, the Dutch populist Geert Wilders is accused of insulting the Prophet and mocking Islam” (Dans cette intervention sur un site djihadiste, le populiste néerlandais Geert Wilders est accusé d’insulter le prophète et de se moquer de l’islam).


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