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Pakistan Floods – Call For More Aid

  • August 18th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

pakistan-floods-alertnetorg.jpgThe United Nations says that international aid is too late and too sluggish to save victims of the flooding along the Indus River system in Pakistan – especially the millions of children at risk of serious disease from infected water.

pakistan-floods-aerial.jpg  WEEKS TO COME

As the UN called for more support from the international community, weather forecasters estimated the high water levels would persist until the end of this month – with some 20 million people believed stranded.


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  • WWF Australia:, tel. +61 2 9281 5515; International
  • Red Cross Australia:
  • APHEDA, Union Aid Abroad, Australia:


The European Union last week (11.8.10) topped up its earlier  €30-million (A$43.29-million;, 18.8.10) donation for Pakistan flood relief with an additional €10-million (A$14.43-million), pointing out that humanitarian aid to Pakistan in the last year, from the European Commission alone, had come to €111.25-million (A$160.55-million). Member states were separately pledging more.

The Australian Foreign Affairs Department yesterday (17.8.10) added A$24-million to the A$11-million previously pledged by the government, saying the catastrophe in Pakistan had got worse.

It has contributed mainly to United Nations agencies, the red Cross and other non-government organisations.


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