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France: Arguments Over Migration, Safety And Security …

  • August 15th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

roma-stormfrontorg1.jpegPresident Nicolas Sarkozy has received a rebuff from a national poll, over the public safety issue and linkages being made to immigration.

The poll for Marianne magazine taken on 11.8.10, reported in Le Monde, found 69% of respondents considered the President inept on the security issue, both as the Interior Minister who sanctioned tough police action against protesting youth on migrant estates, and then as President.

sarkozy-reduced1.jpgThe figure was 72% among suipporters of the left wing Opposition, but 52% also among conservative voters – prompting Le Monde to suggest that such public opinion had been forcing a spate of recent government announcements on security issues.

The 1021 respondents responded to questions about threats to property, and to persons, “urban violence” and white-collar fraud.

Amid moves on the part of government leaders to associate growing insecurity with immigration, 47% agreed there was a causal link (33% of opposition supporters, 61% on the government side).

Other causes were given more credence by the voters, inequality causing growing delinquency (73% of total), “incivility among citizens” (68%), and reductions in the number of police (66%).

The polling coincides with argument and soul-searching over the expulsion of Roma people, gypsies, from several camps in France. (See EUAustralia Online, “Trouble over Roma …:, 31.7.10).
The government political party, the UMP, has this week been dismissing criticisms from a United Nations agency, the Committee for Elimination of racial Discrimination, which accused it of “lack of political will” in dealing with an upsurge of racist and xenophobic incidents in France.

Spokespersons said members of the UN body hailed from countries where respect for human rights was poor, and in cases like Romania or Russia, where Roma were treated badly.


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