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Break-through Time: Catalonia Bans Bull-fighting …

  • July 29th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

bull-fight-all-creatures.jpegParliament in the large Spanish region of Catalonia has banned bull-fighting.

Animal rights campaigners who’d got the measure onto the parliamentary agenda 18-months ago said it was a matter of extinguishing the sport’s exemption under animal cruelty laws.

They said it would bring the region into line with standards of the European Union.

Supporters of bull-fighting, mustering 55 votes in the House, against 68, hardly had their ears cut off, to be dragged away.

They compared bull-fighting with confining dogs in apartments or stuffing geese to make pate.

And they’ve vowed to fight again, in the political arena, or in the matadors’ arena if they are up to it, since bull baiting is to continue in the rest of Spain.

We still have Pamplona’s running of the bulls; half a dozen human participants were gored during the event earlier this month, (commencing 7.7.10).