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After All, It Is Summer …

  • July 14th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

thunderstorm.jpegHeatwave conditions eased a little this week with thunder-storms now over Northern Europe, but the last few weeks of a glorious, if uncomfortable Summer have fueled no end of health warnings and public chatter on the climate change theme

Many capital cities have seen temperatures persisting in the 40-degree range, and health authorities, particularly in France and the United Kingdom, have been issuing advice about protecting the young and the aged – fearing that some higher-than-usual death rates are starting to come through.

Britons were told they had just gone through the driest first six months of any year since 1953; heat warnings issued at intervals by the meteorological office, emphasising the impact of it.

The weekend episode (10-11.7.10) on the German inter-city train service (ICE), with the air conditioning breaking down on three trains, topped the list of high-sweat and heat-exhaustion stories.

It got up to 50-degrees in the trains, leaving hundreds of passengers fainting and distressed.

What to do?

In the short term, authorities have suggested drinking a lot of water, and as it is Summer, maybe some broad-brimmed hats might be in order.


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