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Has anybody seen him?

  • July 13th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

mladic.jpgRatko Mladic was the commander of troops from the break-away Bosnian Serb state during the violent break-up of Yugoslavia – remembered this week on the anniversary of the massacre at Srebrenica.

Close to 8000 Muslim men and boys were killed near the town by Serbian troops, from 11.7.95, in an episode known as the worst massacre in Europe since the Second World War.

The president of the Bosnian-Serbian government during 1992-96, Radovan Karadzic, absconded as the era of “ethnic cleansing” was closed down.

Found in Serbia in 2008 he was sent to The Netherlands where he is under detention by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Mladic, now 68, also got away; he was in charge at Srebrenica, and wanted for crimes against humanity, he has not yet been caught.

More than 40 000 gathered at commemorative ceremonies in Bosnia on the weekend (11.7.10), watching over the re-burial of 775 victims found at Srebrenica, and identified as part of an international program for recovering the remains of people left in mass graves.