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More Winners ! Ole!

  • July 12th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

soccer-city-joburg.jpg eu-flag-flies.jpg  spain-flag.jpg Spain have won the World Cup in Football this day (11.7.10) at Johannesburg, defeating The Netherlands 1-0 in extra time … Elsewhere Mark Webber has won the British Grand Prix in Formula 1 racing, and Cadel Evans has hit the front in the Tour de France.


Nelson Mandela was there, the former South African president making a brief appearance in an open car; close to one-billion television  viewers were said to be glued to screens around the world; the players went through into regulation time, nil-nil.

Spain had the most possession, though not as many Yellow Cards, three compared to the Dutch getting eight, a Dutch player sent off 19 minutes into extra time; it got a bit spiteful.

Andres Iniesta who came on in the final minutes, scored the winning goal for Spain.

The master defenders, The Netherlands, succumbed four minutes before time was due to end, a penalty shoot-out beckoning.

Both teams battled for a first-time win in the competition.


The World Cup was a grand triumph for the host country South Africa — and once again it was a European festival.

Three of the final four were European teams; Germany defeated Uruguay on Saturday 3-2 to take third place.

Said Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission:
“I would like to express my warmest congratulations to the Spanish football team for its outstanding and well deserved victory in the World Cup. Likewise I heartily congratulate the colourful and joyful fans for the support and enthusiasm they showed towards their team throughout the tournament. I also want to pay tribute to the runners-up, the Netherlands, and to Germany, who came third. Throughout this championship, the European teams were ambassadors of Europe’s spirit, energy and openness. At the same time, I am particularly glad to congratulate the African continent and, in particular, South Africa and its people, for providing an ideal stage for a perfectly-run World Cup. This championship was a truly global sporting celebration.”(Footnote: Which was the one team identified by commentators as undefeated in this year’s World Cup? Hint: think of something long and white and cloudy).


mark-webber-madtvmeuk3.jpgAustralia’s Mark Webber has won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, moving himself to third place in the running for the world Formula 1 motor racing championship – displacing his Red Bull team mate, Sebastien Vettel (Germany).

The British McLaren team, Lewis Hamilton, then Jenson Button, retain the series lead.

Two weeks before, Mark Webber dominated attention in a different style, involved in a spectacular crash, at Valencia (27.6.10), (see EUAustralia, “Mark Webber: Crash …”, 28.6.10).

cadel-evans.jpgIn cycling, Cadel Evans, the Australian World Champion, has come sixth in his stage, and claimed the tour leader’s yellow jersey – for the first time in this year’s Tour de France.

Andy Schleck from Luxembourg won the eighth stage, from Le Rousses, the first Alpine run.

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