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Gordon Brown’s Decision To Go

  • May 11th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

uk-debate-rte1.jpgThe complexion of negotiations over the make-up of the next British government changed overnight (10.5.10) when the Labour Prime Minister, Gordin brown, announced he would not stay on in the leadership.

He said he’d failed to gain the confidence of the public to govern — just as the other two party leaders had failed.

His withdrawal met one key condition imposed by the Liberal-Democrats party for accepting an agreement with Labour, on forming a government in the hung parliament.

The Lib-Dems are now talking formally with both Labour and the Conservatives.

One term that has come up in reports out of the discussions, with the Lib-Dems demanding a change in the voting system, is “alternative voting” — sounding something like prefenertial voting used in Australia.

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