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EU Moves: Fighting Hunger; Energy; Education; New Zealand …

  • April 18th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

meps-nz.jpgThis  month, the EU is renovating its approach to hunger relief; in Australia it has launched new initiatives in the field of renewable energy and research; and has had MEPs visiting New Zealand.


The European Commission has taken up two so-called “ policy frameworks” to help developing countries with food security, both in emergency and long-term situations, in line with internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals.

New moves, on poverty and hunger, and for maximising the effectiveness of humanitarian support in crises, will concentrate on boosting productivity of smallholder farmers , governance improvements for food security, and mechanisms for aiding extremely vulnerable population groups.


The EU delegation in Australia has announced a gathering of experts on solar and wind energy, for 10.5.10 in Sydney.

The Australia-Germany Solar and Wind Energy Industry Conference 2010 is to be hosted by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

More than  a dozen speakers from the two countries will review technological progress, legal aspects and flagship projects, with 150 representatives from the solar and wind energy industry  expected to attend.


Applications have been called for the  ANU Centre for European Studies Visiting Fellowships, to sponsor visits by international scholars  to the university, at Canberra,  during the coming year.

The scheme this time ins on a theme of  “Europe and the Law”; for information see [.]


A delegation of seven members of the European Parliament has  completed a visit to New Zealand (28.3 /1.4.10),  discussing economic relations.

The MEPs, from parties across the political spectrum, in  Finland, Germany, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom, were moved to enthusiasm; they released a statement about the resilience, resourcefulness and determination of the New Zealand nation – reflected in sports performances, and success at farming despite being very far away from markets.

European Union interests in the Pacific, such as its regional development cooperation, are managed in close consultation  with Australia and New Zealand, (see EUAustralia, “EU-Australia Up-grade Joint Activities”, 13.11.08).

In the United States, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, met the new New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, on 13.4.10, during the summit on nuclear materials and weapons, hosted by President Barak Obama.


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