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Conservatives’ Big Win In Hungary

  • April 13th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

budapest.jpegThe centre-right Christian Democrats have had a hands-down victory at elections in Hungary (11.4.10), defeating the Socialist Party government of the last eight years.

Winning over 52% of votes cast, Viktor Orban, leader of the  conservative party, called Fidesz, was expected to be restored as premier with an absolute parliamentary majority.

The socialists lost two-thirds of their vote from last time, coming in a weak second with barely 13%.

That sent the left-wing formation back to a position even weaker than after elections in 1990, contested as a makeover of the former communist party, at the time just recently pushed out of office.

Once again it was seen to have few solutions for the recession-prone national economy.

It narrowly bested the number of seats won by the extreme right Jobbik Party; and a new green party got members elected for the first time.
Picture  Beautiful Budapest, (commons.wikipedia)