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Carlsberg Strike: Bottoms Up!

  • April 13th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

carlsberg.jpegFinding nice quality Carlsberg on every street corner, at local prices, has been part of the thrill of the backpacking experience of Copenhagen; so a strike at the brewers’ was bound to generate a certain amount of bug-eyed anxiety.

The dismay, though, did not last too long.

The strike went for just five days, not over complex issues of equity and pay; just a matter of having free beer on the job.

Companies worldwide have moved to cut back on the famous brewers’ perk of a couple of drinks during the day; in Copenhagen, it was a reduction from three-bottles-per-Viking-per-day, to just one.

Some 250 warehouse workers and truck drivers (yes, truck drivers!) last week demanded that their nourishment should continue; so now a compromise has been brewed up (12.4.10) over how much free beer, whereabouts on the premises, and when it can go down.

Picture  commons.wikipedia