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Saintly Envelopes

  • April 6th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

marymackillop-0498226.jpgAhead of the expected canonisation of Mother Mary MacKillop this October,  Australia  Post has today (6.4.10) released a commemorative souvenir pre-paid envelope.

Expect a small avalanche of publications and products to celebrate the first Australian Saint.

mckillop-stamp.jpgMary MacKillop (15.1.1842 – 8.8.09), best known as Mother Mary of the Cross, was an inspirational Catholic nun who founded a religious society to provide education for poor children. (see also, EUAustralia , 20.2.10 “Vatican …”; 15.1.10 “Papal Moves …” ).

The Stampboards philatelic service reports:

“In the envelope area is an image of Mary MacKillop with members of her Congregation at Aotearoa 1895/Mary MacKillop Place Archive, North Sydney; while in the stamp area is a painting of Mary MacKillop by Raffaele Gagliardi (Rome), original in Mary MacKillop Place Museum, North Sydney…”

It’s obtainable from Australia Post  at


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