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April Foolery

  • April 5th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

champagne-country.jpgSearching out who would wear the poisson d’Avril (fish tagged onto your back; Big April Fool), Le Monde Interactive in France this year  invited users to tell which one, out of eight running news stories was the April Fool’s Day joke.

Folks got out their balderdash detectors, and here’s how they went, by recorded votes:

  • The CIA  has been offering Viagra to Afghan informers — 8151 said it couldn’t be true.
  • Meat production of the future: pork is grown artificially in a laboratory, from samples of muscle tissue; 7625 votes.
  • Frederic Mitterrand, French Culture Minister, has taken part in a slamming session during French Language Week in Rheims; (slam being a variant of theatre arts, or even a “forme de poesie”, often involving silliness; in pubs, libraries or media workshops); 3811. *
  • The opening of an “halal” sex shop, for Moslem married couples, (sex aids on sale, no porno images); 4600.
  • Patrick Sebastian – television producer and personality, singer, comedian, Rugby man –  starts his own political party; 4386.
  • The son of a founder of Hamas is an Israeli spy; 2545.
  • A new Champagne variety has been developed from a genetically modified grape, drinking of which will assist slimming; 6985.
  • Days on Earth have become actually, if imperceptibly shorter, since the Chilean earthquake  — due to moving around of the earth’s mass, affecting the balance around its axis; 5548.

* Try out SLAM …  video escapades from SLAM day in Champagne, on Daily Motion: (5.4.10).


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Sedate Champagne countryside, gives way to slamming, but not diet-champagne …

The answer?

Bad news for some; drinking bubbly still cannot make you get slim – and 6985 readers of French quality media cannot be fooled on the subject of the national tipple.