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Prague Holds Onto Beer Record

  • February 11th, 2010
  • Posted by EUEditor

beer-pint.jpgThe Czech Beer and Malt Association has claimed a continuing record for beer consumption, but this is no drunken boast: the brewers in Czech Republic are also underwriting a “drink responsibly” campaign.

The Czech Republic trades well on the Central European tradition of wholesome brewing, with the numbers of tourists going there to taste good beer hardly slackening during the recent severe recession.

pilsen.gif“Going to Pilsen to drink Pilsener” after all is a valid boast.

Not every tourist is a connoisseur as such; some from the United Kingdom of the football-following variety have at times over-stayed  their welcome — more or less from the moment of arrival.

Home-grown drinkers on the other hand savor the nation’s specialities, so much so that the Beer and Malt Association believes that for 2009 they have held onto the world’s highest national level of consumption – 155 litres of beer, per annum, per head.

At the same time the organisation has advertised a new initiative, where a consortium of member breweries   (BudÄ›jovický Budvar n.p., Královský pivovar KruÅ¡ovice a.s., Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s., Pivovary Staropramen a.s. and Starobrno a.s.)  have entered a contract to support   moderate and responsible consumption of beer – using a joint trademark, the “Responsible Brewers Initiative”.

“Since ancient times, beer has belonged to our society and its various cultures”, they declared.

“However, given its moderate content of alcohol, beer has to be consumed responsibly.”

Bottoms-up !!


The Czech Beer and Malt Association, home, 11.2.10. (11.2.10).

Picture  Pilsen (Plzn City)