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More “Copenhagen”, Ireland And G20 Follow-up As Leaders Meet

  • June 18th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

europ-council-3-09.jpgEuropean Heads of Government meeting at Brussels this week (18-19.6.09) are following up and consolidating moves to tighten regulation of the financial system; they’ll be looking over an offer to be made to Ireland, to try to win back votes for a stronger EU; and they are once again adding to the universal drive to get Climate Change action going strongly, by the end of the year.


Members of the summit of 27 member states have had their public servants hard at work on legislative plans, to implement agreements dating back to the April meeting of the G20 economic powers, (see EUAustralia,3.4.09, G20 Accord …).

Meeting now as the European Council, the government leaders have been planning to consolidate the moves for more organised coordination of financial regulation, better sharing of information about market movements, and early warning systems against market shocks like the collapse that brought on last year’s sudden recession. They have been at work on white collar crime and tax havens as well.


A part of the discussion has been reserved for proposals being put to the Irish government on guaranteeing a good say to the small republic, in a restructured European Union – under the proposed Lisbon Treaty.

Irish voters held up moves to get the reorganisation in place, a year ago, when they voted against it at a referendum, (see EUAustralia, 11.12.08, Crisis Meeting).


Where global leaders meet they talk climate change this year, (see EUAustralia, Huge push on climate change …, 13.6.09); this time with the EU now making plans to get its own Sustainable development Strategy adopted on a worldwide plan

It will be going to the Copenhagen climate change conference in December with the strongest commitment of any of the major industrial powers  — the scheme for 20% reduction of carbon emissions by 2020. (See EUAustralia, “20-20-20” says EU, 13.12.08).


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