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Internet Freedom … And A Fair Go For Hairdressers

  • June 18th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

internet-2.jpg  coiffure-5.jpgThe European Commission has become concerned about the renewal of global management arrangements for the Internet …
and it is acting on the sometimes troubled issue of bad hair days.


Amid great straining on the part of certain governments to repress a general free-flow of online communication – especially in China, and more lately on the part of the beset regime in Iran – the EU is looking for a way to match freedom with accountability.

internet-3.jpgIt has published what is called a “strategic document, for more transparency and multilateral accountability in the governance of the internet.”

The Commission states:

internet-1.jpg“There are today 1.5 billion internet users worldwide, 300 million of which are in the European Union’s 27 Member States.

“At present, a private US-based body, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is responsible for coordinating key elements of the internet.

“The Commission agrees that private companies should continue to take the lead in the day-to-day management of the operation of the internet, as long as they are accountable and independent.

“The Commission also believes that decisions about the internet, especially those about openness and security, should be taken in a transparent and accountable manner because they affect everyone around the globe.

“ICANN currently operates under a Joint Project Agreement with the US Department of Commerce which expires on 30 September 2009.

“In the view of the European Commission, future internet governance arrangements should reflect the key role that the global network has come to play for all countries.”


In its same session the EC this week (18.6.09) approved a Europe-wide industry agreement affecting 1.5 million hairdressers, to provide them with a uniform certificate – intended to help improve quality and service.

coiffure-4.jpgIt said the certificate for proof of professional skills would give the hairdressers more chances to work in EU countries other than their own.

coiffure-2.jpg“The joint initiative by the EU-level employers’ organisation Coiffure EU and the European trade union federation in the sector, UNI-Europa Hair & Beauty, provides for voluntary European certificates in addition to national diplomas”, the Commission said.

coiffure-3.jpg“The agreement was negotiated as part of the European social dialogue committee for personal services and will be implemented through national member organisations within the next two years.”

coiffure-1.jpgAfter all, short-back-and-sides, a nice blow-wave, or more elaborate style and tint, must amount to the same great service to self-esteem in any language or culture, don’t they?


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