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Hard To Keep Up With Fast-changing EU, Says Envoy

  • June 5th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

david-daly-2-reduced.jpgToo many people of European background who live in other countries have no true idea of what their Old Country is like today, according to Ambassador David Daly.

Mr Daly, Head of the European Commission Delegation to Australia, was speaking in Brisbane (5.6.09) during  a slightly-late bout of Europe Day (9.5.09) celebrations; (he was hosting visiting Commissioners last month).

He said periodic celebrations were one way to explain what the EU was doing

“Your view of the mother country can get tombed after departure”, he said.

“That is why, in America so many people wonder if famine is still going on in Ireland.”

The Ambassador said many who left would never have suspected the dramatic changes in Europe over the last fifty years.

“In commonplace discussion, if you’ve not been plugged in, you’d hardly believe it”, he said.

Mr Daly was accompanied on a tour by the Czech Republic Ambassador to Australia, Dr Juraj Chmiel, representing the Czech Presidency of the European Council, which extends to the end of this month.

Sweden is next in the Presidency.