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Roman Holiday?

  • May 27th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

botticelli-venus.jpgTake one girl who looks something like a melody, add a fairly silly old bloke, and let the shenanigans begin …

So it is in Italy this week; where the girl is eighteen, the gentleman friend has reportedly turned up at her birthday party with an expensive gift, (jewellery, which she’s been wearing around), the Missus declares she has given up on him – and so it goes on.

The trouble is, the leading man is Silvio Berlusconi. 72, major money man and media magnate, football aficionado, conservative Prime Minister of the country.

roman-holiday.jpgHe has told a television interviewer there is “nothing negative” about his friendship with fetching Noemi Letizia; he’s a friend of her Dad; he happened to be in town, in Naples, where the party was on; and he will explain it all to parliament.


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Pictures: Botticelli, Venus; 1953 film Roman Holiday.