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L’Aquila — Searches And Burials

  • April 12th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

laquila.JPGAt l’Aquila, cement dust, Church out of doors, forlorn searches continuing.

People at l’Aquila and the surrounding towns and villages speak of the air saturated with the smell of cement dust.

Mourners attending the Good Friday funeral service (10.4.09) for victims of the earthquake later took their loved ones away for private family burials.

The service was held out of doors, for all, because no larger church could yet be certified safe enough to hold a Mass.

The President of Italy, Georgio Napolitani, commented on a large number of new buildings he had seen demolished, among the ruins of many treasures dating back to the Middle Ages.

It’s being questioned whether building standards had been compromised by penetration of organised crime into the construction industry, as at Naples, the adjacent city.

Not to mince words, were these structures, which included public buildings like a hospital, gerry built because mafiosi had got into the contracting process?

Altogether 287 people are confirmed dead; amongst the children the youngest was aged four; emergency workers continue looking for more missing people in the rubble of the city of l’Aquila and surrounding small towns and villages.