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“We Were There” – Activists Hitched A Ride On Summitry …

  • April 6th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

greenpeace-prague.jpgPart of a phalanx of protest groups giving special attention to the summiteers of the last week in Europe, the environmentalist movement Greenpeace delivered a spectacular last day stunt.

“Real leaders would bail out the climate” said Greenpeace, not happy with the trends at the London G2 summit on the economy, the Strasbourg-Kehl summit of NATO, and then the summit of the European Union and the USA in Prague.

They sent out this message, wanting to fill out the picture on the side of dealing with global warming, more than handling the bankers:-

“Six Greenpeace activists unfurled a huge banner reading ‘BAIL OUT THE CLIMATE’ from a bridge opposite the building in Prague where the EU-US Summit is taking place, (5.4.09).

“Greenpeace is sending a clear message to President Barack Obama and EU leaders that it is time to start bailing out the climate, instead of banks.

“‘The US and the EU need to show real leadership, and that means tackling both climate change and the economic recession. Runaway climate change could make poverty permanent in the developing world, and strangle growth in the developed, but this is the third international summit in five days, and they are not facing up to it,’ said Jan Rovenský, Greenpeace Czech Republic climate and energy campaigner.

“To reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and cope with the already unavoidable impacts of climate change, developing countries need at least €110-billion (A$207-7-billion;, 6.4.09)a year by 2020 from rich countries,” says Greenpeace, to subsidise low emission production strategies and anti-deforestation measures.

Such money would be raised through a levy on developed countries for their heavier carbon footprint, a cost to be passed on to business.


Greenpeace International, Prague, media release, “Real leaders would bail out the climate”, 5.4.09