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Chooks Out Of The Box

  • January 4th, 2009
  • Posted by EUEditor

battery-hens-aactorg.jpgGermany has anticipated a European law due to come into effect in two years’ time, and banned the practice of keeping battery hens in constricting, individual cages.

battery-hens-2-aactorg.jpgThe anti-cruelty measure will bring in the use of “small aviaries” about four metres square and 70 cm high, accommodating some 32 birds each.

Critics of the move predict that it will increase the cost of the cheaper, battery sources eggs by as much as 70%, while still not enabling the birds to flap (as opposed to open) their wings, scratch the soil or dip in water.

batt-hens-upc-online.jpgAuthorities in two States are challenging the constitutional legality of the new legislation.

batt-hens-animalfreedomorg.jpgCurrently 70% of eggs consumed in Germany are from caged birds, and one-third of consumption is accounted for by imports.

Reference: Radio Deutsche Welle, Battery Hens, 3.1.09.

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