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Greetings …

  • December 25th, 2008
  • Posted by EUEditor


All eyes at the end of 2008 have been on the economic and ecological barometers, which are taking us out on a somewhat anticlimactic note: the late Christmas shopping sprees enfeebled by the discounting; stock market rallies likewise weak; lower petrol prices not expected to last; even the snow storms rather scattered, so mercifully no disaster.

Australian political leaders giving Christmas messages let money and climate change go through to the keeper; they asked the public instead to think of their troops with the NATO command in Afghanistan and to be careful on the roads.

For the European Union, Commission Vice President Margot Wallstrom foreshadowed a time of decision-making in 2009, as the year of the European Parliament elections.

“The role of the EU will be even more in the spotlight … Every one of us will be given the opportunity to decide how we want to shape Europe”, she said.

At EUAustralia, now two and a half years in service, we extend season’s greetings to our accumulating list of regular visitors and to our new, “unique” guests who come in each week.

You would have noticed we are a testing ground for new journalistic talent, including very good talent, and the Europe – Australia monitor is set to continue in strength in 2009.