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Win For Spain – And For Europe

  • July 2nd, 2008
  • Posted by susie

football-2008-spanish-red.jpg“Football is the best thing in the world !”

So shouted two of the thousands of revellers in the streets of Cologne, one of many cities across Europe, mobilised for the lead-up to this year’s Euro 2008 Championship.

The victory, as history records, went to Spain, in a 1-0 win against Germany, played at Vienna on the last Sunday in June.

Susie Lipscomb was there.


This was the first victory for the Spanish national team in forty-four years.

The country that boasts leading club sides, Real Madrid or Barcelona, was seemingly jinxed in international contests, until this year’s tournament – hailed by commentators as one of the cleanest and best-played.


It was Spain’s tournament, but a massive party for Europeans.

Revelling Spanish fans, living all over the “new Europe”, were out to celebrate.

In Cologne, as the home side took on Turkey, (winning the semi-final 4-1), (25.6.08), EUAustralia wanted to know, if the abundant good will applied to all Europeans, and even to the Turkish adversaries.

Some replies:

“I think yes especially this game Turkey against Germany. It is kind of integrating. I think it might be good.”

“I have to accept that if they are good players they will win and afterwards I will make a lot of party with Turkish people”.

“Two years ago the World Cup was in Germany. Everybody from all countries and nations were here and it was a good mood. There is also a good mood here between all nations, because we have a lot of inhabitants in Germany from all over Europe – ands we love them all”.

“Football is the best play I n the world, who comes people together!!!”

The large Turkish community in Germany, much of it “home grown” with so many people born in Europe, is just one aspect of the multicultural trend in European Union countries, which now host millions from outside their national borders.

Picture: Spanish fans celebrate in Brussels